This warranty does not cover normal wear from use or any misuse, abuse, modification or improper maintenance of the tool causing damage by accident or otherwise. This applies to all tool categories of products supplied by California Torque Products/Western Tool.


Any product that is determined to be a warrantied item by California Torque Products/Western Tool or our representative will be replace or repaired at our discretion.


Tools must be returned to an authorized California Torque Products/Western Tool distributor or representative for determination on the status of the tool and the applicable warranty action to be taken.


Products being purchased on line must be returned to point of purchase for warranty at customers cost. If a warranty is needed the replacement product will be shipped back to the customer at no charge.


California Torque Products/Western Tool will not be liable under any circumstances for any claims of incidental, consequential, special or punitive damages, damages to property, or personal injury under this policy.


If you have any question or need assistance, contact us at 626.320.1030 or sales@caltorque.com