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Product Image: 1/2" drive 250 ft.-lbs. Professional Series Tire Service Torque Wrench
Model #: 2503CTPRHS

250S Ft-Lbs Torque Wrench 


The 2503CTPRHS torque wrench is an industrial grade micrometer click type wrench designed for years of service. It was developed particularly for the harsh environment of the tire service shops. The wrench is equipped with a 1/2" single direction quick release, 32 tooth ratchet allowing only for the use of tightening lug nuts and can not be used as a breaker bar. It has a precision laser marked scale that has a range from 30-250 Ft-Lbs with adjustment increments of 1 Ft-Lb, with a quick easy to use adjustment lock. The wrench is designed with an over molded durable chemical resistant and ergonomic comfort grip rubber handle.It has a highly polished durable bright chrome finish. The wrench is fully repairable and easily calibrated. The wrench meets ASME B107.14B specifications and is calibrated to +/- 3% at any setting, and includes a 1 year warranty.

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