Product Image: 1850 ft-lbs Multiplier
Manual Not Available Specifications Not Available
  • Capacity-1850 Ft-Lbs, 2500 Nm
  • Weight Lb-17
  • Accuracy- +/-3%
  • The multiplier is shipped in a hard molded plastic case.

1850 ft-lbs Multiplier

Model #: CTPM-1850S


CPTM-1850S is a mechanical multiplier 5 piece set. This particular model has a range of up to 1,850 Ft-Lbs. It was developed using a precision ratio gear train which provides a smooth operation and output capacity. The complete set is supplied with reaction arms and a safety "breakaway" drive connection to protect the multiplier from over load damage. When it is used with a precision California Torque Products micrometer torque wrench high torque loads can be applied to assemblies with precision and confidence. The mechanical multipliers are supplied in a heavy duty blow molded plastic case.  Torque multipliers are a necessary element in the inventory of any maintenance and repair organization.