Product Image: 1/2" Drive 250 ft-lbs Professional Series Torque Wrench
Manual Not Available Specifications
  • Capacity- 250 Ft-Lbs, 1/2" drive
  • Range- 30-250 Ft-Lbs
  • Accuracy- +/-3%
  • Dimensions in/cm- Overall= 24.25/61.6, Head Width=2.0/5.1, Head Height=1.7/4.3, Handle Diameter= 1.6/4.2
  • Weight Lb/Kg- 4.0/1.8
  • The wrench comes with a certificate of calibration.
  • The wrench is shipped in a polypropylene tube.
  • Black, over molded, chemical resistant, rubber handle
  • Highly polished, durable, chrome finish
  • Repair Parts Available.
  • Calibration and Repair Service Available
  • Ratchet Repair Kit CTP34462-1DK

1/2" Drive 250 ft-lbs Professional Series Torque Wrench

Model #: 2503CTPRH

250 Ft-Lbs Torque Wrench

The 2503CTPRH torque wrench is an industrial grade micrometer click type wrench designed for years of service. The wrench is equipped with a 1/2" dual direction quick release, 32 tooth ratchet. It has a precision laser marked scale that has a range of 30-250 Ft-Lbs with adjustment increments of 1 Ft-Lb, with a quick easy to use adjustment lock. The wrench is equipped with an over molded durable chemical resistant and ergonomic comfort grip rubber handle. It has a highly polished durable bright chrome finish. The wrench is fully repairable and easily calibrated. It is calibrated to +/-3% at any setting, meets ASME B107.14B specifications, and includes a 1 year warranty.