Product Image: LC Torque
Manual Not Available Specifications Not Available
  • Capacity- 50 In-Lbs, 1/4" HEX Drive
  • Range- 5-50 In-Lbs preset
  • Accuracy- +/-10%
  • Dimensions- Overall Height=4.375", Handle Height=1.0", Handle Length=3.5", Handle Width=1.25", Width=1.0"
  • Weight- 0.26 Lb
  • The wrench is shipped in a bubble wrap bag in a cardboard box.
  • Rubber, chemical resistant handle
  • Application for:
    • Sporting goods
    • Automotive Aftermarket
    • Machine Tool Insert
    • Commercial/ Industrial
    • Electronic/ Telecommunications
    • User Assembly/ Maintenance Tool
  • Torque limiting prevents over-torque as the torque mechanism cams over when the torque value has been reached
  • Locks in the counterclockwise direction for easy fastener removal
  • 1/4" Hex Drive Magnetic Bit Holder for Standard Bits
  • OEM and Private Label Applications

LC Torque

Model #: CTPO-S-XX

Torque Limited Preset Driver

CTP-S-XX torque driver is an industrial grade low cost torque preset click type driver designed for years of service. It has a 1/4" HEX drive magnetic bit holder for standard bits, that is made with a strong rare earth magnet. This driver cannot over torque fasteners because it has a mechanism that cams over when the torque value has been reached. It locks in the counterclockwise direction for easy fastener removal. It is a preset driver that can be set from 8-35 In-Lbs, and once it is set it cannot be adjusted. The handle is a black, chemical resistant, comfort grip, rubber top, and T shape. The body of it can come in custom colors and special markings are available for private branding. This makes it perfect for private label branding or large product release programs. With its low cost it makes it an excellent alternative for field assembly kits.